Learn some words! Then set out into the sea! Go slash a dozen Cuccos! Rode the winds through the sky…
Fed a fish-man guy! LINK:
I’ve sailed the seas
On the breath of the ocean breeze! Battled some flaming Keese
Fought my way through the Tower of Gods! Learned a sword-spin technique! Someone messed up my bird-
All these girls have gone free
And there’s a snotty green twerp-
LINK: Hey, you looking’ for ME? (pointing) On that guy’s tab
GILLIAN: What’s bothering you, G? I need her pointy ears! …What are you looking at, Fairy Boy? We pulled up a hefty treasure
With a Piece of Heart or Three! Where a giant squid attacked us
And forced our ship ashore! (Hoo! Found a boat that speaks
And turns into a-
PATRON: It’s the dread pirate Tetra!!! HEY, IT’S BEEN A HUNDRED YEARS! TETRA AND LINK: It’s Link! Ha!)
Were full of gold doubloons! The wind is blowing…
NOW…! Just prepare for owning! (YEAH!)
Made a Rito friend! PATRON: Hey Zelda! TETRA:
We set sail for Greatfish Isle
But were caught inside a storm! And fired some cannon shots! Ha!)
When we ravaged all it had, its hulls (Hoo! We were caught inside a cyclone! Ha!)
LINK: Oh, weird. Bleach your skin! All I found in it was a treasure chart
PATRON: Hooray for Zelda! ALL: IT’S “LINK!”
I took my sister back! (Hoo! TETRA: Milkshake. Won tons of rupees! GILLIAN: Why, Mister Ganondorf. LINK: (quiet) Well exCUSE ME, princess…
GILLIAN: Miss Tetra, how has your expedition been going? LINK: It’s Link
PATRON: Tell us about that one time you found the Wand of Gamelon
LINK: I don’t know what you’re talking about
I smashed a thousand pots! Ha!)
Based on phases of the moon! You look like you’re having a pretty… average day…
GANONDORF: I’ll take one of everything. GANONDORF:
I’ve got
Forty guys dead
And I don’t know Why-
All my treasures are gone-
All my plans are awry! I thwarted all Ganon’s plots! Just using a sword and a wand! You took her by mistake! Go change into a pig! Then we stumbled on a Ghost Ship (Hoo! Where a thousand sharks were waiting-
Which we blew to smithereens! Shave your beard! But we managed to get free! We stole bombs for all our cannons! Ride some birds! …Sheesh, get with the times…
Go ride your stupid boat! GANONDORF: WHAT THE-
PATRON: GO ZELDA! While tugging Valoo’s rear end! Met the Fairy Queen
A fat little man in green!