Baby, love really hurts without you
Love really hurts without you! But I can’t stop the pain inside me. You’re really something to see. I know that it’s wrong. The way that you look. You’re using every trick in the book. But what can I do without you? Love really hurts through and through. Who gives you the eye. That helps to ease the pain inside me. You’re giving in to some other guy. Baby, Love really hurts without you. And you make like a queen on the action. And it’s breaking my heart but what can I do. You’re cheating your life to impress any guy that you fancy. But don’t you know I’m out of my mind. But don’t you know that you’re turning me on. And it’s breaking my heart. You don’t give nothing to me. Like a fool and you think it is groovy. You walk like a dream. So give me a sign. You painted a smile and you dress for awhile to excite me. You’re running around town.