Reports are that he was traveling in Westmoreland when he was forced to pull over because of a mechanical issue with his vehicle. A photo of the deejay reportedly leaked online revealing his location which is when some unidentified men showed up at the medical facility but were not permitted to carry out their mission. According to reports, Rygin King was being held at the Falmouth Hospital. The dancehall deejay and his manager were both admitted to the hospital in critical condition. Though he has since had a successful surgery and is currently recovering, it is obvious now that the threat has not been averted. Facebook
Twitter The shooting incident took the life of a young woman who insiders say is Rygin King’s girlfriend. Rygin King is still being targeted by the people who tried to kill him even while he is recovering in the hospital. We’re told that law enforcement has since taken several men in custody who are believed to have tried to gain access to the dancehall star’s hospital room. That’s when the gunmen got the drop on him and opened fire. According to the insight given to Urban Islandz last weekend, the deejay’s shooting was a retaliation to a murder that happened a few months ago that he was allegedly involved in. We will keep you abreast of the latest with this developing story. On Sunday, the “Tuff” deejay was rushed to the hospital after escaping his attempted murderers and being rushed to the hospital. King was targeted after the murder victim in question was laid to rest. As Rygin King continues his recovery in a new undisclosed location, fans are hoping he will make it out unscathed. Less than a week after Rygin King was shot, the dancehall artist was paid a visit by an unknown entourage that allegedly wanted to finish the job. Sources confirmed with Urban Islandz that Rygin King was relocated to a more secure medical facility after the second assassination attempt.