— Saint Laurent Don (@21savage) November 21, 2020

“All the immature comments and speculations surrounding this are very insensitive please keep them to yourself. 21 Savage is defending his decision to cop King Von’s sister a brand new Range. Savage, who has been paying tribute to Von since his demise, stated that he previously made a promise to the departed rapper’s sister that he would have her back “for life,” and he has clearly begun to make good on that promise. According to 21, he knew of King Von’s wish to get this birthday gift for Kayla, and he stepped in to complete the transaction in the wake of the rapper’s untimely death. He goes on to add that he actually knew Kayla before he knew King Von because she “talks to [his] brother.” Additionally, he states, “Von was already planning on purchasing the gift for her birthday and due to his untimely passing, he wasn’t able to finish so all I did was finish what he started because I told Kayla when he passed I had her 4L and I meant it,” 21 Savage wrote. Savage has kept Von’s memory alive ever since he learned of his passing. The internet flew into a frenzy when Kayla, the sister of late Chicago rapper King Von revealed that 21 Savage gifted her a 2021 Range Rover. (@imkaylab)

TwitterFacebook With his latest exorbitant gesture, 21 Savage invited a whirlwind of gossip and speculation surrounding the relationship between him and King Von’s sister. During his recent performance on Jimmy Fallon, he paid his respects to the 26-year-old rapper saying, “Long live King Von. Respect to his family, his children, O’Block, OTF, and anybody else I left out. “I never speak on stuff like this because I don’t do it for the internet but y’all being disrespectful,” said 21 Savage in the statement. Long Live King Von,” he added. View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Imkaylab?? He took to Twitter to quell the rumors with a lengthy statement discussing his reason for the pricey purchase. The world lost a legend.”
King Von was shot and killed in Atlanta earlier this month following an alleged altercation with his rap rival Quando Rondo and his crew.