Everything A-1?” According to the screenshot, Dre replied about two hours later, saying, “Hey Royce!! He posted a screenshot of the conversation on social media, showing his initial message to Dre, which read, “Big Homie. Dre sends some positive words to Royce Da 5’9. This year has already had plenty of bad news, and we aren’t even done with January yet. Let’s hope Dre takes care of himself and his mental health as well as possible going forward. Thanks for checking bro.” Royce captioned the post with, “This year is better already.”

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A post shared by ??Nickle?? I’m home and feeling much better. Dre Is currently in the middle of a volatile divorce with his longtime wife, Nicole Young, and many have theorized that the stress of the legal battle, as well as the loss of his relationship, may have contributed to his condition. Dre later confirmed to fans that he was alive and well and would be heading home soon, much to the collective relief of hip hop lovers everywhere. Dre. The legend was rushed to the hospital on January 6th after suffering from a brain aneurysm, and initial reports indicated that he was in an ICU being subjected to several tests to find out what had caused the medical emergency. Twitter
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Dr. Dr. Dre isn’t exactly among the youngest stars in music, but the 55-year-old rapper and producer was in relatively good health before this incident, and it remains a mystery what may have caused such a scare. One headline that had music fans everywhere anxious with worry involved hip hop icon, Dr. Now, thanks to rapper Royce Da 5’9, we have even more reassurance that Dre is doing well and will likely make a full recovery from the incident. It seems Royce was also deeply concerned about Dre’s health and decided to reach out to him via text to make sure everything was alright.