When the rapper suggested that “If the world was open, we would’ve had HITS Foreal cause we make outside music,” it became a topic of discussion after DJ Akademiks shared the message on his Instagram page. Do you think the rappers’ careers will depend on it? What are the chances of the City Girls making an inside hit in 2021? If the world was open we would’ve had HITS Foreal cause we make outside music? The comment section was inundated with thoughts about the rap duo’s music, and let’s just say it wasn’t all positive feedback. — JT (@ThegirlJT) January 17, 2021

Much of the comments responded to Akademiks’ caption, which asked, “Is #jt from the #citygirls speaking Faxxx or fiction?!” One fan said, “Fax about making outside music, fiction about making hits.” Another quipped, “Good music sounds good anywhere.”
Most of who have chimed in aren’t cutting the City Girls any slack. “Didn’t lil yachty make their first hit song? “Lil Yachty* would’ve made hits, “one fan commented. A recent tweet by JT has some fans weighing in on the City Girls’ music, and they’re not shy about throwing shade. Twitter
Facebook Some apparently believe they’d be thriving if outside was still a thing. It’s been a while since we got a new banger from the City Girls and JT seems to have a theory with respect to why. A hit is a hit.” The common consensus is that JT is capping, but for those who have entertained the thought of the theory being true, they recommended that the rappers simply switch things up and adapt. The entertainment industry took a huge hit with the global pandemic, and for many artists, it put a huge damper or delay on their roll-out plans. haven’t heard no other hit since,” another added. The City Girls claim they make “outside music” and blame the quarantine for holding them back. One fan found JT’s remark perfectly inconsequential and argued that “WAP was a hit in the pandemic. Many fans attributed the group’s success to their Quality Control Music labelmate Lil Yachty who featured on their first hit.