It was 6ix9ine’s tribute to fellow rapper XXXTentacion that caught everyone off guard. Following his release from prison last year, 6ix9ine shared a screenshot of some DMs XXXTentacion sent him before his death the year before. He had a massive cult following which he built from his SoundCloud and his social media accounts. At this recent festival, 6ix9ine referred to X as the King of Florida and played X’s “Look At Me!”. This is not the first time 6ix9ine has done a tribute for X as he memorialized him right after his passing in 2018. Tekashi 6ix9ine pays homage to XXXTentacion at his concert last weekend but Ski Mask The Slump God isn’t impressed. “Random N****s That Perform Take A Step Back Or Look At Me But Only Know The First Three Lines,” The Slump God tweeted. The late alternative rapper Jahseh Onfroy, more popularly known as XXXTentacion and typically referred to as X, was from Miami-Dade County. View this post on Instagram

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This was typically well-received by his fans, who thought the tribute was heartfelt. Random Niggas That Perform Take A Step Back Or Look At Me But Only Know The First Three Lines ??? Share this:

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) The rapper is currently in Florida at a music festival where he performed in front of a whopping 15,000 fans. As fans sings him high praises, many of them are also highlighting how petty 6ix9ine is and are anxious to see his response to Ski Mask. If this tweet is for 6ix9ine, it is obvious that Ski Mask views this performance as being disrespectful. X’s best friend Ski Mask The Slump God made his displeasure known on Twitter. However, one rapper was not impressed. Regardless, this tribute seems to have gotten him in the good graces of many who were not fond of him before. However, he still has many supporters. — Sir Ski Mask (@THESLUMPGOD) May 2, 2021

It is unclear whether the “Catch Me Outside” rapper’s tweet was intended for Tekashi 6ix9ine, as he did not directly call him out. While this concert defied the usual social distancing guidelines, this is not what is most surprising. The self-proclaimed King of New York, Daniel Hernandez, better known as Tekashi 6ix9ine is not well-liked in many rap circles. Tekashi is known for his legendary trolling skills, and the rapper consistently stays embroiled in endless beefs. Even those who were not fans of the New York rapper lauded him for the tribute on social media. Millions of fans around the world mourned his untimely passing back in June 2018. He did not perform the song in its entirety but rather recited some of the lyrics while moshing on stage.