American Instagram model and entrepreneur Jayda Cheaves and popular businessman Gregory Wright appeared at the Gun Court in St. The judge ruled that they were to each to pay $300,000 or face 12 months in jail for the ammunition charge and pay $500,000 or serve 12 months in jail for being in possession of illegal weapons. Jayda Cheaves and her friend Gregory Wright both plead guilty to illegal firearm possession charges in Jamaica and were hit with a hefty fine or face jail time. In updated Stories on Instagram, Jayda Cheaves, who is the mother of rapper Lil Baby’s youngest son Loyal, shared snaps of herself enjoying her extended vacation, which included having Hibachi by a live chef and having fun at a water park. “I’m good for now y’all,” she said. On Wednesday, they pleaded guilty to the charges and were sentenced immediately after. “ACT NORMAL,” she posted on her Instagram Stories. It’s unclear if Wright will pay his fine today as well. Cheaves retained local counsel Michael Hemmings who said his client was paying the fine today and intended to leave the island to head back to her home state Atlanta. James on Wednesday morning, where they pleaded guilty to two firearms weapons charges. Meanwhile, Cheaves has not addressed the incident, only posting on Monday night that she was doing fine. Both were detained after attempting to leave the island on Monday and remained to attend court to answer to charges of illegal possession of ammunition and illegal possession of a firearm. She also posted about her lunge wear launch, which sold out within hours. Share this:

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) Jayda and Wright were released on bond after being arrested on Monday for having their American licensed guns – two Glock 9 mm pistols and ammunition on them that they brought from the United States to Jamaica while on vacation to celebrate Jayda’s 24th birthday. Jayda Cheaves & Gregory Wright
The money is quoted in Jamaican dollars, which works out to around $5,391 United States dollars.