However, Minaj had clarified that that was not the case as she would eventually take the vaccine to travel and do tours but that she had many questions that she’s seeking to do research on. You see what I’m saying, son? This na actually happens to come from my neighborhood. “When she’s being an asshole because she’s telling you, ‘You’re not going to take advantage of me.’”
Minaj has recently been heavily criticized for her sentiments towards the vaxx in which many felt she was misinformed. While speaking with Lil Wayne on Young Money Radio last year, he called her an “alpha female.”
“I love me some Nicki. While Minaj can be said to have a tough, intimidating personality, 50 says he understands the kind of person she is and what causes her to react. “You know who would probably be fun to work with? He also defended her relationship with her husband, Kenneth Petty, who is presently facing charges for failing to register as a sexual offender in California due to a previous 1995 attempt rape conviction in New York. It happens to be a girl, but that na is tough!” he said. That motherf**ker tough! 50 Cent eyes Nicki Minaj as his co-star in a romantic comedy. You got to watch her or she’ll go–she’ll do something that’s pulling a move to assert herself.”
Minaj has been on an extended hiatus since giving birth to her son last September. Her baby, who she calls Papa Bear, is celebrating his first birthday this week. The rapper has always shared his love for Nicki, noting that he admired her. According to him, he feels he can relate to Minaj because he knows how she is. “She be harder than the n*a she fk with. “I kinda understand her a little bit more than the other people,” he said. She be harder and she’s an alpha female! While on the “Jalen Rose: Renaissance Man Podcast,” the rap legend was quick to single out Minaj as his favorite co-star. “Nicki Minaj would be fun to be in a romantic comedy with.”
The “Get Rich or Die Trying” rapper has always spoken highly of Minaj, who also grew up in the New York neighborhood of South Jamaica, Queens, like 50. According to the Black Mafia Family executive producer, if he was to star in a romantic comedy, he’d like to have rapper Nicki Minaj as his co-star. Share this:

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