So by the time it gets here, I will have forgotten about it anyway. 

For this reason, I’m likely not to see While We’re Young, which came out today but not here, until I’m “old” and in my 40s and the millennials are as forgotten as the gen xrs are today, and generation Z has a whole new shiny and silly name like The Digitals or something. The movie times here (430ish, 7ish &  930ish) make the whole dinner and a movie thing impossible to time when you can’t get home before 530 or 6, and have to go home first to take care of the dogs.  
I just figured out why I never go to the movies anymore. It’s a mystery! And dinner is barely being served anywhere when your 7ish show gets out at 930. 
Oh, right – we have dogs. Honestly I really don’t feel as if I’m missing anything by seeing about one movie in theaters a year. So no scheduling things straight after work. 
Since I don’t go regularly, I never know what’s playing anymore – unless I hear about something that peaks my interest on the radio or read a good review. 
But even then, half the time it’s for a movie that’s done the silly limited release, and that never includes St Louis. Last year it was Gone Girl – this year, what will it be? I also worked much more flexible hours. Now that we’re in our 30s, most of our friends are busy with kids. In my 20s, I lived in NYC – if a movie had been released anywhere, it was there somewhere, withe multiple theaters and times to choose from. If we all get together, being old and on a much earlier sleep schedule – there’s no time for both dinner and a movie, so might as well get real food and real conversation. I had friends that were interested in seeing movies – and they played at more convenient times like 6ish 8ish and 10ish. I still had regular television if only through an antenna. But now…. 

The spouse and I have watched nothing but streaming since 2009, having “cut the cord” by canceling satellite long before it was socially acceptable – so no TV commercial trailers, and we can watch what we want, when we want at home. 
It somehow costs more than going out to dinner to go to the movies these days. And that’s only of it comes across whatever I use then to watch stuff. Feel free to recommend…

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